Wednesday, September 7, 2011

hair care article 27

Simplification of hair care products. If you have a great haircut and the rest is simple - Woodruff said. The bottom line is unexplored hair just laziness - said Woodruff. For example, if your hair is wavy, just use a soft foam on wet hair dryer and then dried the hair with your fingers tousling them. If you have straight hair curler attachment part for a few minutes, so you give them a more interesting structure. But remember, do not make a scheme to make it in the way that you give your hair a little bit of energy and vitality. "Your goal is that the hair looked a bit chaotic," - said Woodruff. If you use two different sizes of rollers, leading to a more chaotic appearance.

hair care article 26

Congratulations - expecting a baby! This is a wonderful period in your life, but your hormones are nervous. It can cause changes in your hair, but do not worry - it's a temporary problem. You may notice that your hair is drier than usual, and if this is a problem for you, simply use the air conditioner is stronger, or from time to time, surrender your hair deeply nourishes.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

hair care article 25

This disease most often develops in adolescents and young adults, after twenty years, as well as children and the elderly.
Women suffer more than men (presumably, may be only 7% of patients who completely lose their hair).
This phenomenon may be periodic (especially in spring and autumn).

- Illness is the result of immune system disorders
- The immune system attacks and destroys its own cells, mistaking them as "foreign" and there is hair loss.
 - Hair follicles become very small.
- This disease is not contagious.

Friday, May 27, 2011

hair care article 24

Dry and damaged hair:
1 - an opaque form.
2 - Dry and rough handling.
3 - easy to eat nodes.
4 - it is difficult to comb or brush.
5 - Far - flowers Dklrh the end, they have two branches ..
6 - too small.
For this type of hair shampoo and conditioner should be used for yourself, but more carefully about how to use the washing frequency should be more important, so that the worm uses shampoos, hair oils and cream for this type of hair is the most recommended