Thursday, May 5, 2011

hair care article 10

Haircare step. Make your locks are beautiful, full of energy and vitality, and when you show people will crow with delight. View the principle of due care of you with these tips you will find that it's not hard to have beautiful hair. Suitable hair care is the health of your hair.
1. Hair thoroughly before washing It Off in the brush or comb. It is most useful if you use every day styling. Thus, you remove too much makeup, shampoo, and will be more effective. Remains of cosmetics adhere to the hair, making them more difficult to model and gets a shine.
2. Hair conditioner should be used immediately after washing your hair because wet hair is better therapeutic ingredients are absorbed. Carefully massage the conditioner, gently crushing them, and then disables the hair comb with wide teeth. With this development spread evenly throughout the hair, providing more efficient operation.
3. If you wash your hair every day, razdzi August every day, massage the shampoo on your hair and leave for at least three minutes. Jezeli you wash your hair every second or every third day, start washing using a small amount of shampoo, which should be a good foam, then gently massage the hair to expand their operations.
4. Do you feel that your hair will become fat faster? may exaggerate the use of additives. Too much conditioner gets kosmykom elasticity. If you hair is slightly damaged, you should eat them every fifth or one sixth wash. In a very damaged hair, put conditioner every third wash.
5. Also make sure that your hair has been protected after washing them. Apply lotions, which penetrates into the hair. It is applied without washing and, most importantly cares about your hair, it closes and protects against mechanical damage.
6. After each umuciu hair, rinse them with cold water addition. It works very good for hair. Improves circulation of blood from the head and makes your hair shine.
7. It is important to comb the strands. The first crest of the day, then the center of the hair at the end of the base. One can easily see if your hair is healthy. Well, if you're moving comb smoothly over your hair, it means that you need not worry because you are a healthy flock. If you have long hair, use conditioner in a spray that will facilitate combing.
8. Do not rub your hair with a towel tightly. This may confuse them and cause damage during scratching. The best of them gently squeeze the water into a soft towel

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